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Secure Tek Solutions offers a full range of recruiting services designed to meet your hiring needs. Our goal is to develop a staffing solution that helps your organization achieve specific hiring objectives. We selectively recruit, pre-screen and qualify candidates through personal interviews in order to present you with only the very best matches for your job, style and corporate culture.

Our experience in the industry and attention to individual requirements will help us identify a success profile for all of your critical needs. Our market research and direct sourcing capabilities can allow for finding both passive and active candidates, and will help formulate a competitive sourcing strategy to meet your needs in an urgent and timely fashion.

STS is equipped to address both your full time equivalent and project based needs to help you deliver to your customers, and meet all of your pressing timelines. Our portfolio of services is adaptable to include:

Contract Staffing
If your business is part of an industry that is prone to peaks and valleys, constant changes, or often requires immediate action to meet your customers' demands, Contract Staffing is what your company needs. Contract Staffing provides you with the experienced personnel you need for a limited time in order to handle workload peaks, as well as special projects.

Contract to Direct Staffing
In today's competitive environment it is too expensive and risky to make a bad hiring decision, yet it is difficult to determine what contributions a person will bring your organization after one or two interviews. Our Contract to Direct Staffing option allows you to evaluate an individual's skills before making a hiring decision. Additionally, this staffing option provides you with the technical support you need today, while giving you time to evaluate a potential employee's skills so you can make the best hiring decision for tomorrow.

Direct Hire Staffing
When you need to add a new employee or fill a key position within your company, our Direct Hires Staffing Division will assist you in locating and recruiting the best talent in your field -- locally, nationally. Secure Tek Solutions works on a contingency basis. As part of our direct hire search service, we will locate, interview, check employment references and submit qualified candidates to you.

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